TV: Clone Wars #22-25 (Coruscant)


At long last, Clone Wars comes to an end!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

It’s taken a bit, but finally I have reached the last installment of Clone Wars. For some this is a downer because of how much they liked the series, but for me it’s a happy moment because I can’t wait to get this series behind me. Coruscant, I know it takes place on more planets than just Coruscant but the most important action takes place there, is a fitting end to the series, in every way possible.

–The angling and detail of the animation is still very poor. The detail remains a problem anytime background characters take on a static nature in the middle of a battle and blankly stand still doing nothing while everyone else around them fights. The lack of cohesion in the angling department is particularly jarring. The best example is when the Clone troopers, Anakin & Obi-Wan are first attacked on Nelvaan. The Clone troopers open fire at the beast, but when the beast pushes them back they remain at the same angle, staring in the wrong direction and firing into the sky. That is sloppy animation, the type I expect from a high school project, not fro a production such as this.

–Yoda and Mace Windu almost singlehandedly ruin the Coruscant battle sequences with how amped up and over the top their powers are. Yoda riding on a mount in the middle of the battle takes the preposterous cake.

–The extended showdown with General Grievous is easily the best part of the entire series. The atmosphere and tension of the chase are brilliantly done. The action is exciting but still veers too over the top at times.

–I really like Anakin’s hallucination sequence. It’s the first time the series tries for something with the least bit of substance and it pulls it off surprisingly well.

–The ending is problematic, it doesn’t provide any closure. I didn’t need the series wrapped up in a neat bow, but I needed something to signal that that the story was over. Instead the final episode ends and acts as a cliffhanger for another episode that is never coming.

I know a lot of people will label my reviews of Clone Wars as too harsh, but I believe what I have written. Coruscant isn’t the worst of the series, but it is the most maddening. The sequences involving Grievous and some of Anakin on Nelvaan highlight how good the series could have been. Those are trounced however by the actions of Yoda and Mace, that is when the show is at its absolute worst. I need a reason to care, I need the series to mesh with the rest of the Star Wars universe. Clone Wars doesn’t gel with Star Wars at all, it is Star Wars in name only. Coruscant struggles to stake its claim as the best of the series, but being the best turd in a commode isn’t saying much.





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