CB: Tales Of The Jedi: Knights Of The Old Republic #3-5 (The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider)


Nomi Sunrider, uber-Jedi, possibly too uber!

Cover Art By: Dave Dorman
Art By: Mike Barreiro, Janine Johnston, Pamela Rambo, David Roach & Willie Schubert
Written By: Tom Veitch

I have begun to run out of negatives to list in regards to the Tales Of The Jedi series. It’s not that the negatives are slowly disappearing, rather it is that the books continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The writing is still too exposition laden, still too intent on denying the art any chance to breathe or tell the story visually. The art still lacks great detail, especially in the facial renderings of all the characters. The series may want to continually repeat itself, but I grow tired of repetition. For that reason this is all you will hear of the usual problems in this review, instead we will move on to other territory.

I like the Force, the very idea of a mystical entity, screw midi-chlorians, like that is intriguing. I am not a fan of when writers play fast and loose with the Force. In The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider, Tom Veitch is all over the place in how he deals with the Force. On one page he has Andur Sunrider struck down because he is not that well trained of a Jedi. Turn the page and he’s a Force ghost all of a sudden, apparently he’s not a well trained Jedi but he can access the hard to learn power of becoming a Force ghost. In this same scene Nomi Sunrider picks up a lightsaber for the first time and immediately strikes down two thugs. Think about that for a second and while you do that I’ll pick up the conversation in the next paragraph.

As I said, I like the Force, however it should not make an untrained person into an unstoppable warrior. All throughout the Star Wars universe we have been taught that lightsaber combat takes time to learn, that using the Force takes time to learn. Yet in The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider all it takes is a drop of a hat for Nomi Sunrider to effectively use battle meditation and wield a lightsaber well enough to take out a group of thugs and pirates. I don’t want to call that terrible writing, but I don’t care how strong she is in the Force, that’s terrible writing.

The above is an instance of inconsistencies within the greater Star Wars universe, but The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider is inconsistent within its own pages. Bogga and his thugs take on numerous Jedi, but they are confronted by a simple beast, at least they think it’s a simple beast, and they retreat immediately. Of course later we learn that Bogga knows who Thon is and has been bested by him previously, sadly that doesn’t line up with their previous shock at an unknown beast attacking them. Inconsistencies like these can easily be avoided by a quality writer, sadly The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider lacked any quality in the writing department.

Any time a story leaves you thinking it was pointless there is a problem. Despite what I may have written so far in this review that is the biggest mark against The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider. There weren’t any story elements to form a relationship with, no reason for me to feel any sort of investment. When that is the case the final product feels very pointless and not worth the time you have spent with it. If you are a fan of Nomi Sunrider then The Saga Of Nomi Sunrider will probably interest you, but otherwise it is yet another in the Tales Of The Jedi series that can easily be avoided.





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