Welcome To The Domain Of Nihilus


I’m a big fan of Star Wars, always have been always will be. I’m a bit different though in that I don’t accept everything with the name Star Wars attached to it as great. Nor do I feel some sort of allegiance to George Lucas, LucasArts or LucasFilm. But, this isn’t about bitching, this is about giving you a quick feel for what you should expect at The Domain Of Nihilus.

Expect plenty of reviews, actually that’s all you should expect. Whether it is a novel, a video game, a movie, a TV special or show, a comic book or anything else, if I feel it deserves a review then that’s what I’ll do. But, don’t expect a detailed breakdown of the plot or any deep musings on continuity issues. People familiar with my movie reviews over at Bill’s Movie Emporium should know what to expect. My reviews are about the actual product, whether it was worth my time, how good or bad it is, what emotions it brings out in me. What parts of the product are cool, and what parts are laughably bad.

A couple of things worth mentioning,

Retconning: I have no problem with retcons, as long as they are handled well. You won’t hear much bitching about retcons in my reviews, any universe as large as the Star Wars universe is bound to be full of retconning. If it’s a particular bad case of retconning you may hear me bitch, but otherwise I don’t care about retconning enough to go into it in any great detail.

Canon: This is a topic of much heated debate among Star Wars fans and I have always been an island unto myself. I don’t follow the LucasArts canon guidelines, because, well, they are stupid. I view the Star Wars universe as one universe, films and Expanded Universe existing together as one. If you have a problem with this then my blog might not be the place for you, but that’s cool, I don’t expect everyone, or anyone for that matter, to see things my way.

There you have it, a good enough breakdown of what I’m hoping to do with my little blog. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them. I still haven’t ironed everything out, but I like to do things on the fly. Either way I hope at least some people enjoy the site and have a fun time with it, because I love the Star Wars universe and plan to have a ball writing about it, the good and the bad.



2 responses to “Welcome To The Domain Of Nihilus

  1. By the beard of an ewok god, you’re really doing this…

  2. Bill Thompson

    Indeed I am, a giant glutton for punishment, that’s what I be!

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