Timeline Checklist


Edit: If you take a gander at the timeline you will notice it has changed somewhat. It was too unwieldy in its former format, it worked just fine for an actual timeline but for our timeline checklist it had too many double, triple and above entries to wade through. The new format is more like a checklist, the dates are still the same but only one entry per subject in a given year. All we need to know for the purpose of this checklist is what year a story takes place in, not that chapter 2 took place before another story and then chapter 3 picked up right after. Hopefully this new format will be much easier for everyone to handle.

In an effort to somehow keep what I cover organized and more importantly to keep people up to date on the wealth of material that is out there to cover I give you this page. It’s now July, 2009 and the newest edition of Star Wars Timeline Gold has been released, and that means that my checklist is updated to that new timeline.

The plan is that when I review something I will mark it off by changing the type to green for its entry, and probably bold it as well. As you can see from the pages that comprise the list, there is a lot of material to cover. Hopefully this color coded scheme will work for the few who want to take a gander at the checklist and see where what I’ve reviewed so far takes place.

Also, if you see anyplace where I have missed something feel free to let me know in a comment, I’m sure I’ll miss plenty and any help is appreciated. My main source has been the Star Wars Timeline Gold by Nathan Butler. To call that timeline an invaluable resource would be an understatement. After looking it over for a while I realized I was out of my depth as far as Mr. Butler’s skills in maintaining an accurate timeline went. Not only does he provide a detailed timeline of where the materials belong, but he also provides a detailed breakdown on every single entry. Because I bow down to Mr. Butler’s abilities with the timeline you will notice that my timeline isn’t all the way up to date, and that is because I am always awaiting the next update to The Star Wars Timeline Gold. If you really want to delve into what happened when in the Star Wars universe then go and give Mr. Butler’s site a go, it is well worth it.

Here’s a run down of some of the things you need to know to read the checklist,

AB – This stands for audio book.

AN – This stands for adult novel.

A.B.Y. – This stands for After the Battle of Yavin. Once again, in-universe and amongst fans the Battle of Yavin is viewed as a titular event and events under this heading take place after the famous battle.

B.B.Y. – This stands for Before the Battle of Yavin, in-universe and among fans this is considered the titular event, and obviously everything with this listing happens before the Battle of Yavin.

CB – This stands for comic book.

CS – This stands for comic strip.

FS – this stands for flight simulator.

GB – This stands for guidebook.

LP – This stands for live production.

MG – This stands for miniature game.

MP – This stands for motion picture.

PC – This stands for photo comic.

PB – This stands for pop-up book.

RD – This stands for radio drama.

RPG – This stands for role playing game.

SS – This stands for short story.

TV – This stands for an episode of a television show.

TS – This stands for toy set.

VG – This stands for video game.

YRN – This stands for young reader’s novel.



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