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SS: Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint


What came first, the uvak or the egg?

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SS: Odds


You can quote me the odds whenever you want, it’s not like I’m listening to them!

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SS: Omega Squad: Targets

Terrorist negotiations are not my thing, I’m too wishy-washy to accomplish any resolution!

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SS: The Hive

Giant worms, who needs to deal with that junk, well except in the case of the awesomeness that is Tremors!

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SS: Equipment

I’d be dead in a war right away, I never take good care of my equipment!

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SS: Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Skyborn

Not to reuse a phrase, but something may have happened in this story, but I’m not sure!

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SS: Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice


Based on what I’ve read so far, finding yourself lost from the old Sith Empire doesn’t sound all that bad!

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