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AN: The Han Solo Trilogy: The Paradise Snare

the paradise snare

Young Han Solo is much the same as older Han Solo, or is he?

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AN: Dark Lord: The Rise Of Darth Vader


Oh that Vader, he sure is a curmudgeonly fellow!

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AN: Revenge Of The Sith

revenge of the sith

The Star Wars novel to end all Star Wars novels!

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AN: Labyrinth Of Evil

labyrinth of evil

Being stuck in a labyrinth is never any fun, let alone an evil one!

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AN: Dark Rendezvous

dark rendezvous

Meetings on a long gone mad planet are destined to fail, I would say!

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AN: Jedi Trial

jedi trial

I always thought Jedi trials would be, I don’t know, not so laborious a read!

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AN: Medstar: Jedi Healer

medstar: jedi healer

If I got my hands on some Bota, I’d probably just use it to fix up my wife’s lungs. Yeah, that’s what I’d do…

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