SS: Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint


What came first, the uvak or the egg?

Cover Art By: Ian Keltie
Written By: Christie Golden

“Yes…that’s it…how strong and brave you are. You should be mine. I will be a Sith Saber one day, like my father…or maybe even a Master. You will be proud to bear me…you want to bear me…” – Sith Typo Vestara Khai

At only seven pages long, Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint is a very short story. Yet, in those seven pages it manages to say quite a bit about its main character. I will confess that I know next to nothing about Vestara Khai. I haven’t read any of the Fate Of The Jedi novels, so I haven’t spent any actual time with Vestara as a character. All I know of her is the little I have heard on a podcast here and there, or stumbled across accidentally on a Star Wars group or on Wookiepedia. Maybe Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint isn’t a true representation of the character as she will be portrayed in Fate Of The Jedi. I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that I enjoyed this brief trek into the beginnings of a new Sith character.

I enjoyed how selfish Vestara is, while masking her selfishness behind the idea that she isn’t actually selfish. It is true that she wants to impress her father, and that she gets upset when another Sith hurts Tikk. But, both of those are instances borne from selfishness. She wants to impress her father because of how proud her father would be of her for doing so. She wants to save Tikk from pain because that would further endear Tikk to her and make her the true master of Tikk. Vestara’s actions serve her own interests, even if she’s not fully willing to own up to that, and that makes her just as Sith as they come.

I found that in very few words Christie Golden was able to provide a layered character in Vestara as well as a layered look at the Force. I’m aware that Miss Golden has a less than stellar reputation among Star Wars expanded universe fans. This is my first exposure to her work, and I enjoyed what I read. Maybe her style won’t translate as well to a full length novel. However, in this short story she managed to deliver an interesting character who had a depth that I wasn’t expecting. Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint is a well written short story, and that’s enough for me.





7 responses to “SS: Fate Of The Jedi: Imprint

  1. How did you get your hands on a copy of Imprint? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • I actually recieved a few years back when I renewed my membership with the old Star Wars Fan Club. Not sure where you’d find it nowadays, except for maybe ebay, or something of the like.

  2. I’m looking for a copy as well. I’m willing to buy if someone knows where i can find a copy. I have a digital copy as those seem to be floating around the internet, but I’d really like to find a hard copy.

  3. Can you post the story online? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!

  4. Since it was issued as a free publication I don’t think there’d be a problem. How about scanning the pages and sending them in an email? Sorry to be so persistent, but I’m such a fan of these novels it drives me crazy there’d a 7 page short story out there that I haven’t read.

    Thanks for the quick responsel

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