CB: Republic #49 (Sacrifice)

republic: sacrifice

I’m a selfish dude, no sacrificing for me!

Cover Art By: Ryan Benjamin
Art By: Jan Duursema
Written By: John Ostrander

“With some reluctance we have agreed with the Supreme Chancellor that the Jedi must continue to assume command of the Clone army. Quite simply, there is no other group qualified in sufficient numbers.” – Jedi Master Mace Windu

Ah, to be back in the capable hands of John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. Among Star Wars creative teams I don’t think there is a pairing that comes close to that dynamic duo. There are writers I prefer to Mr. Ostrander, and there are some artists who approach Miss Duursema’s talent level. But, they aren’t, usually at least, viewed as anything but what they are, a creative team. In that sense they rank among the very best of Star Wars creative talents, maybe even at the very top of the list. Sacrifice isn’t top tier from them, but at the same time it has their fingerprints all over it and it was nice to be back in their talented hands.

The quote that I supplied above is a vexing quote for me. I’m not sure if it’s Mr. Ostrander towing the company line when it comes to Jedi, or if it’s something Mr. Ostrander actually believes and that’s why he put those words in Mace Windu’s mouth. I’ve never bought the idea of the Jedi as being the best choice to lead the Grand Army of the Republic. In a military sense they aren’t qualified in the slightest, and I believe the war continually showed this fact. Yet at the same time there’s a bit of an arrogance to Mace’s words, and in Yoda’s response. They really do believe they are more qualified than anyone else, and that type of superior thinking is a major reason why the Jedi were done in in such spectacular fashion.

That quote upsetting me aside, Sacrifice is a decent effort from Mr. Ostrander and Miss Durseema. The art by Miss Durseema is top notch, like it always is. The story isn’t exactly the bee’s knees, but it’s okay. The problem is that Khaleen Hentz isn’t a character that I had much of a reason to care for and thus her attempt at a sacrifice didn’t mean much to me. Quinlan Vos on the other hand remains an awesome character and his willingness to continually sacrifice his persona and his Jedi ways for the greater good is at the heart of the story. Quinlan’s sacrifice isn’t delved into all that deeply, but it’s subtly touched on in a way that I found satisfying.

A decent one off story and some fantastic art make up for the general disposable nature of Sacrifice. My Star Wars world wouldn’t be affected if I didn’t read Sacrifice. But, I’m happy that I did take the time to read more of the exploits of Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura. Sacrifice didn’t charge me up like the best of Star Wars stories do and I doubt it will do the same for anyone else who happens to read it. But, Sacrifice is a breezy story that has a comfortableness to it and that worked for me.





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