CB: Rebellion #0 (Crossroads)

All narration is usually not a good thing!

Covert Art By: Brandon Badeaux
Art By: Michael Lacombe
Written By: Thomas Andrews

“It was a calculated gamble that exploded in his face.” – Omnipresent Narrator

A brief comic book issue, Crossroads is more of a sampler of what Rebellion has to offer than anything else. Or, at least I think that’s what it was supposed to be, but if it is an indication of what’s to come in Rebellion then the series is going to be a mixed bag. That’s the best way to describe Crossroads, it was a mixture of elements I liked and elements that left me cold.

To start off, I really liked the art by Michael Lacombe. It was clean and crisp, with a nice rounded texture. The art didn’t scream Star Wars, but it did have its own voice and I appreciated that. I also liked the setting of the story, as in the fact that the story takes place in between the films. I feel like that era can be explored more and I look forward to Rebellion hopefully providing some more insight into that particular era.

Unfortunately the storytelling devise used in Crossroads was that of strict narration. I’m not a fan of overbearing narration, and the narration in Crossroads was overbearing in the worst of ways. It was overbearing because there wasn’t any actual dialogue, just narration piled on top of more narration. It worked to set up the characters and the world, but such a strict reliance on narration created a dry story that didn’t appeal to my sensibilities. I’m hoping that as Rebellion moves forward they will abandon the strict narration approach, in fact it’s more of a given that I think Rebellion will abandon its strict narration approach in favor of a more traditional narrative.

As a primer to Rebellion I guess that Crossroads served its purpose. As a story unto itself Crossroads was part of an as yet discovered whole. The artwork was nice to look at and the read was a breezy one, but in the end it was a read that was all too easy to forget and move on from. The style didn’t really work for me, but even with a different approach than narration I’m not sure if the story would have improved that much. Crossroads is bare bones, and it works for what it is, but what it is isn’t anything all that special or worth seeking out.





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