YRN: Jedi Prince: The Glove Of Darth Vader

Earlier than I expected I tackle an infamous piece of Star Wars lore!

Cover Art By: Drew Struzan
Art By: Benton Jew & Drew Struzan
Written By: Hollace & Paul Davids

Fishman, that is the word that everyone needs to roll around in their heads for a bit. Fishman is the word used, time and again, by the husband and wife writing team of Hollace & Paul Davids to describe Admiral Gial Ackbar. In the Star Wars universe Admiral Ackbar is a well respected character, but in The Glove Of Darth Vader he is a fishman. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not cool with the racist moniker of fishman. To my mind it is no different than the well known racial slur for a black character popping up in a book. Well, obviously it is different, but the racist intent is still present, fictional character or not.

Things don’t get much better in The Glove Of Darth Vader than fishman. I realize The Glove Of Darth Vader is a young readers novel, but it treats its young readers like they are freaking idiots. Not only is the prose badly done, which misses the point of a young readers novel, but Mr. and Mrs. Davids talk down to their readers. They allow no room for the young mind to explore. Imagination is stunted at every turn as instead the writers opt to spell everything out for their young audience.

As a Star Wars fan I was let down by The Glove Of Darth Vader because it does not feel in any way like a Star Wars tale. The Glove Of Darth Vader belongs in another fictional universe, its characters certainly are nothing like their film counterparts. There’s even a moment where the writers put forth the notion that attacking your enemy is an old Jedi way of dealing with problems. Not attacking after they’ve attacked you, but attacking them without making any other attempts at diffusing the problem or dealing with the situation. That is but one crazy notion (that is also nowhere near consistent with the rest of the expanded universe) put forth by The Glove Of Darth Vader.

I guess the artwork that is peppered throughout The Glove Of Darth Vader is okay, but that’s the only positive I can bring to the book. There are far better young readers novels set in the Star Wars universe. Expose your kids, or yourself, to those novels and avoid the dumb, racist fiasco that is The Glove Of Darth Vader. Your life will be all the better for steering clear of this infamously terrible book.





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