CB: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #1-4 (The Rebel Opposition)

It’s like A New Hope all over again, kind of!

Cover Art By: Dave Dorman & Doug Wheatley
Art By: Allen Nunis
Written By: Mike Baron & Michael A. Stackpole

Bland is the word that best describes The Rebel Opposition. There are moments when manages to engage me on a very small level. There are also moments where the story meanders and falters in its inanity. Most of all I had a tough time with the need for this story to exist. In essence The Rebel Opposition doesn’t provide any true character development or any key moments in the Star Wars universe.

The moments of interest were overpowered by the inane moments and I had a hard time staying engaged with The Rebel Opposition. When I cashed out of The Rebel Opposition was when the character of Groznik was introduced. I know that the idea of the life debt permeates Wookie culture, but this close to the original films having a Wookie with a life debt feels so very unoriginal. It’s not the worst mind you, but a story that failed to engage me leads to lots of nitpicking on my part.

The art for The Rebel Opposition is serviceable, if a bit too plain for my liking. The action is where the art let me down the most. I found Allen Nunis’ action panels disorienting, and in a lot of places I felt that his character spacing was off. Again, this is probably nitpicking on my part, but the lack of a compelling story is my fallback excuse for said nitpciking.

When all is said and done it is the story and lack of characterization (along with plenty of unnecessarily exposition laden dialogue) that left me cold on The Rebel Opposition. Almost every character we meet in The Rebel Opposition is one note, sans for maybe Wedge Antilles, and that made for a difficult read. Without characters to care about, all I was provided with was a flat story, middle ground artwork, and a slice of the Star Wars universe that felt superfluous.

Like I said in the beginning, I wasn’t able to engage with the story in The Rebel Opposition. The story didn’t draw me in, move me, compel me, or make for a fun reading experience. I like Michael A. Stackpole a lot, but The Rebel Opposition is not one of his best works (even if he was only involved from a story standpoint). Maybe X-Wing fans will really dig The Rebel Opposition, but this is not top flight Star Wars by any means.





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