MP: The Clone Wars

Who is this little Padawan girl and why oh why is she so annoying?

Written By: Henry Gilroy, Steven Melching, & Scott Murphy
Directed By: Dave Filoni

The Clone Wars is an interesting beast, at least in theory. In execution The Clone Wars is a slog, a journey that is bogged down with inconsistencies and inanity. I wanted to like this film, I know I’ve liked what I’ve seen of the TV series, but this movie was bad enough to upset me. My list of problems are many, but I’ll try to keep this relatively short.

For starters, the animation is subpar. I’m sorry, but in a day and age where the gorgeous computer animation of Pixar exists I simply cannot accept the far too angular and sparse animation employed by Lucasfilm. The animation is so bad that it makes ignoring the woefully underdeveloped and filler story impossible. The story takes every shortcut in the book, and by doing so it delivers a tale that is bloated, boring, and worst of all mundane. When you combine subpar animation and subpar storytelling that equals a very subpar film.

It is, however, the characterizations that make The Clone Wars such a disappointing effort. Ziro the Hutt is a terrible character, a waste of time. But, at the very least he isn’t Rotta, or Stinky, the Hutt, a character so useless and so base level that I fail to see how it could entertain anyone. The worst offender is the new Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Her character is made so annoying that after five seconds I wanted to punch her in the face. This is a young girl we are talking about (who is dressed far too scantily for her age range by the way) who has all the qualities found in the worst brat one could think of. But what irked me most of all were the inaccuracies her character brings about in relation to the other characters.

Asajj Ventress is so tough that she can stand toe to toe with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, two of the best Jedi around. Yet, a little Padawan in the form of Ahsoka is also able to stand up to Ventress. That damages the characters of Asajj, Anakin, and Obi-Wan. Making her as luckily resourceful and ultimately powerful as they do is overkill that is not needed. The way Ahsoka’s character is introduced, handled, and implemented hurts every other character in the film and ultimately the Star Wars universe as a whole I believe.

From the pure perspective of being a Star Wars fan I found The Clone Wars to be woefully wanting. Luckily if I’m remembering correctly the TV series gets a lot better. But, this movie is not good in any way, shape, or form. The Clone Wars is a middling Star Wars tale from beginning to end and it’s a shame that this was the tale that was made into a feature film.





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