YRN: The Ewoks Read-Along Adventures: The Battle For Endor

Two days in a row with the content and the Ewoks!

Yet again I could not find the names of anyone creatively attached to this record/book, and that mans no one gets the credit.

Different record/book, same story. The Battle For Endor is for the younger set, and this did keep me at a distance from the material. Still, I was surprised that the book/record was willing to go to some of the dark places it traversed. I know this is an adaptation of a movie, but all the same I didn’t expect two pretty big deaths (relative to the subject at hand) in a book/record intended for youngsters.

I liked the surprising bits of darkness, but still I did not view The Battle For Endor as anything more than passing entertainment. It was a neat experience with the combination of record and book, but it’s not an experience I see myself returning to. All in all The Battle For Endor gave me more Star Wars to chew on, entertained my daughter and was fairly inoffensive. That doesn’t make it great by any means, but it does make it a decent tale within the Star Wars universe.





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