YRN: The Ewoks Read-A-Long Adventures: The Ewok Adventure

After a super long hiatus I’m back, and what do I return with but the gosh darn Ewoks!

The funniest thing about The Ewok Adventure was that I couldn’t find the author of the piece anywhere online. I’m sure someone has that information, but I couldn’t find it and that is why no one is getting the credit for this record/book.

As for the book/record itself, it’s perfectly fine entertainment. It’s by no means something I turn to for my Star Wars fix. But, it connected with my daughter and I know that many young readers and listeners would also connect with The Ewok Adventure. I am, however, much older and while I still get a kick out of any Star Wars tale I didn’t get much more than that kick out of The Ewok Adventure.

I’ll give the record/book this much, it does flesh out the Ewoks a tiny bit more. The Ewok Adventure doesn’t exactly present a thesis on the Ewoks or Endor, but it presents enough information about the moon and its inhabitants to make me happy.

The audio aspect of The Ewok Adventure was well handled. As far as read along records go I felt that The Ewok Adventure sounded good and presented a high enough level of audio interaction to keep kids into the story.

There’s not much else I can say about The Ewok Adventure. It’s a decent enough effort even if it wasn’t exactly made for me. My daughter enjoyed it and I know other kids would as well. So, if you have a record player and a burgeoning reader don’t hesitate to give The Ewok Adventure a spin.





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