CB: X-Wing: Rogue Leader #1-3


I think I just read a story, I’m not one hundred percent sure though!

Cover Art By: Gary Erskine
Art By: Michael Atiyeh & Tomás Giorello
Written By: Haden Blackman

There is a fun read to be found in X-Wing: Rogue Leader, but there certainly isn’t a deep one. I’m not left with much to say about X-Wing: Rogue Leader because there isn’t a whole lot to say anything about. I know that sounds like a cop out, and maybe it is, but I have racked my brain trying to think of anything extremely positive or negative to say about this mini-series and my brain continues to come up empty.

As I said, X-Wing: Rogue Leader is a fun read. It moves at a brisk pace and avoids getting bogged down in any minutiae. For a story that is entirely superficial this is a very good thing, because nothing is more bothersome than reading a superficial story that clogs its pores with useless information. The key characters are easily recognizable and in that sense it is fun to be on another adventure with these characters that have been a part of my life for many years now.

I emphasis the fun nature of X-Wing: Rogue Leader because it has nothing to offer besides its fun nature. The art is competent, but nothing jaw dropping or worth noting. The story is run of the mill, but serves its purpose. We know these characters, but they are as cardboard as could be, bereft of any and all characterization. Now that I think about it the lack of depth found in X-Wing: Rogue Leader is a definite negative, especially in the villain of Weir who is a stock villain in all but name.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on X-Wing: Rogue Leader, it simply isn’t worth that much time. If you know and love the characters found in the pages of this mini-series then I’m sure you will find some enjoyment in X-Wing: Rogue Leader. If you don’t know the main characters and aren’t extremely interested in the Star Wars universe then X-Wing: Rogue Leader feels like an inoffensive waste of time. I guess that’s my final word, X-Wing: Rogue Leader is an inoffensive mini-series that has some moments of fun, but don’t expect anything more than that.





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