SS: Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice


Based on what I’ve read so far, finding yourself lost from the old Sith Empire doesn’t sound all that bad!

Written By: John Jackson Miller

Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice is my first foray into a non-comic work by John Jackson Miller. I’ve loved what he’s done in Knights Of The Old Republic, but comics are a very different medium than traditional prose. I am happy to say that while not perfect, Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice is a good short story that proves Miller is a quality writer in any field.

Right away Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice is chaotic, it’s difficult to pin down what is going on or why. This helps add to the experience of the opening chapter, the characters have been placed in a situation out of their control and the reader is left to feel the same way. The more settled the characters become the more understanding the reader is able to glean from the text. It’s quite keen how the text and the reader are able to mesh in such a way.

The area where Miller makes me the happiest is in how he handles the Sith Empire. In Tales Of The Jedi the Sith Empire was a vacuous entity, with zero form or substance, a simple construct created to serve the story in some way. Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice adds societal trappings to the Sith Empire, they have a government, they have structure, they feel like a real entity.

The story does feel too truncated and rushed, those are the only real negatives I found in the text. Miller sets up the characters and their scenario nicely, but at the drop of a hat the story is over. I know short stories are short, but this short story felt like it needed another ten or so pages to fully flesh out its conclusion. It also feels too much like a part of a continuing series as opposed to a story that exists on its own.

It’s not the best in the world, but Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice is a quality short story. It is enjoyable and provides a much better structure for the Sith Empire than had ever been previously given. I look forward to reading the rest of the series, and if you come across Lost Tribe Of The Sith: Precipice it’s well worth taking a gander at.





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