TV: Clone Wars #14-16 (Ilum)


Fighting over hidden crystals, that’s the Jedi way!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

A multi-episode arc means no introduction paragraph, instead it’s time to get right into the dash points,

–The facial animation of Luminara Unduli is particularly harsh, why they chose to make her look like Captain Caveman I don’t know.

–Yoda’s abuse of his powers when he brain washes Captain Typho is appallingly shoddy writing. It’s a terrible act by Yoda, but it’s nowhere near in line with the character of Yoda, so I can’t fault Yoda or the Jedi for what goes down in that scene, the writers are to blame for their bad writing.

–There’s bad physical animation all over the place during Yoda’s fight against the droids. When he is running in the middle of the pack of droids he swings his lightsaber all over the place, but he never once visibly connects with any of the droids. Lo and behold the droids inside the pack fall down from his lightsaber swinging, and that is lazy animation.

This next part is especially telling of why Ilum as an arc, and Clone Wars as a series, is a colossal failure,

–Padmé Amidala would not use C-3PO as bait. Not only is that not in her character, but that is her husband’s droid, his lone tie to his childhood. She is not going to randomly use him as bait, and that is why that entire set-up is atrocious writing and direction.

–Why should we take the droid army seriously when they can’t hit a lone protocol droid walking towards them in a straight line? That’s not comical, it’s pitiful.

–The idea of Padmé using C-3PO as bait is bad enough, but to then have her toss a grenade right at C-3PO’s feet is so bad it’s beyond idiotic. She would never do that, not in a million years would she endanger C-3PO in that way. The explosion destroys the two Separatist droids and merely tosses C-3PO through the air in a fitting end to an abomination of a scene.

The dash points should spell it out, but Ilum is an abysmal entry in an already abysmal series. There isn’t a single worthwhile moment to be found in the arc. If I wanted to be the King of hyperbole I would go so far as to say that Ilum is hands down the worst Star Wars product ever made. Luckily I have been trying to stay away from the hyperbole, all I will say is that Ilum is a terrible arc, and you should avoid it if you can.





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