TV: Clone Wars #12-13 (Dantooine)


Mace Windu destroying a whole bunch of droids!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

The easiest way to describe the Dantooine arc of Clone Wars is to tell you that it is as over the top as the series can get. Dantooine carries certain flaws with it due to various factors I have discussed in previous Clone Wars reviews. That being said, it manages to add more to the mix that I am not fond of in any way shape or form. I’m not going to rag on what I have already ragged on in previous reviews, but that still leaves me with far too many issues in Dantooine.

For me it all goes back to the over the top nature of this arc. The entire Clone Wars series is over the top, but Dantooine is so over the top that it’s painful to watch. Dantooine is like a Dragon Ball Z episode, and that much over the top frivolity doesn’t fly in Star Wars. Outside of the maddening heroics of Mace Windu the droid voice work is really bad in this episode, and we are given more questionable battle tactics. Why exactly would a group of Clone troopers stop fighting, stand still and stare at an unidentified vessel that has entered the battlefield?

In what shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone I didn’t care for Dantooine at all. It’s yet another bad entry in an all around bad series. If you like Clone Wars from the beginning then you will like Dantooine, but if you find yourself not feeling so crazy about the series then don’t worry about checking out Dantooine.





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