TV: Clone Wars #6-7 (Rattatak)


That bald headed lady sure is angry, and a wee bit scary!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

The Rattatak arc of Clone Wars is a decent enough action piece. An action piece that is undone by its lack of connection with the rest of the series, an atrocious score and even worse voice acting in the form of Asajj Ventress. Before I get into any of that, I will say that the action in Rattatak is possibly the best in the entire Clone Wars series. It’s better than usual because for the most part it remains grounded and plausible, it doesn’t feel over the top, it feels like it belongs in the Star Wars universe.

Something that doesn’t belong in the Star Wars universe is Count Dooku’s dialogue espousing the fact that the Sith don’t fear anything. We know that the Sith were built on the notion that they accepted their fear and used said fears to their advantage. If this was meant to be a libelous statement intended to rile up Ventress then it was poorly executed because the scene doesn’t read that way at all. As it stands the scene comes across like a particularly terrible bit of writing where one of the most basic truths of the Star Wars universe was tossed to the wayside.

As I said earlier, the action scenes that are finally done right are ultimately undermined by a couple of things. First you have the music, a brooding and tone deaf score that doesn’t fit what is happening on screen. When the brutal voice work of Grey DeLisle is added into the mix the viewer is left with action scenes that look good but grab your attention for all the wrong reasons. Once the atmosphere of the action is lost then the entire Rattatak arc is lost. Above all else, Rattatak is most hurt by its lack of connection to the series proper. Not only does the action feel out of place, but the events that transpire feel like they belong in a different time and place. The fact that the events of Rattatak do actually take place at a different point in the timeline is never made known, yet another failing of the episode.

What began with promise ends with a whimper and is endemic of how Clone Wars fails as a series. Rattatak could have been worth watching, but it ends up a fractured experience because of some mind boggling artistic choices. As has become commonplace with Clone Wars you can skip Rattatak, it’s not worth the effort of watching.





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