TV: Clone Wars #5 (Chapter 5)


Fighting underwater, Jedi style!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

I don’t have much to say about Chapter 5 of Clone Wars. As a standalone chapter it is naturally very short and leans one hundred percent towards action, not even bothering with any plot. Only one aspect of Chapter 5 ticked me off with its stupidity, the yin-yang belt buckle on Kit Fisto, so it at least has that going for it. Still, not being completely upset with the lack of offensive moments isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. Chapter 5 remains far too over the top, features the same awful animation style, but it does contain some okay action and it didn’t completely piss me off. Not an endorsement by any means, but you could do worse than this chapter of Clone Wars.





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