TV: Clone Wars #1 (Chapter 1)


My first foray into the film/television medium, video games don’t count, this will not be that interesting, I’d wager!

Written By: Bryan Andrews & Darrick Bachman
Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

Since this is the first micro-episode of Clone Wars I’ll save my introductory speech for the next review that will encompass a good number of episodes and the first story arc. For Chapter 1 I’ll stick to my basic thoughts and not go beyond them much, if at all.

As brief introductory episodes go Chapter 1 is pretty inoffensive. It offers a satisfying synopsis so that the viewers know just enough of what is going on in the galaxy and who the key characters in Clone Wars will be. There’s no meat to be found here, but the quick snippets of the main players is enough of a primer for the series as a whole.

However, even in this most brief of introduction episodes Clone Wars manages to be terribly uneven, a trait it will never drop. It offers easily the most touching and real moment of the entire series when Anakin stares from his starfighter into the apartment of Padmé, while she stares back and we are treated to the flotilla of the Grand Army taking off from Coruscant. This is preceded by a moronic Anakin heroic moment as he stands on the landing platform and shucks his cloak into the wind. That, my friends, is a sign of some of the idiocy to come and the uneven nature that will plague the series for its entirety.

As I said earlier, there isn’t much to Chapter 1. It is rather inoffensive and serves its purpose and there isn’t much to be said about it other than those simple facts. I don’t think this is a necessary episode by any means, in all honesty the people watching this show are already familiar with the Star Wars universe and the key players, but it’s not an episode you need to avoid in any way.





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