VG: Battlefront


I almost forgot how awesome this game is!

Directed By: Eric Gerwitz

There are games that are fun to play, and then there are games that are addictive like crack, or at least I’ve been told it’s quite addictive. Anyways, the point is that Battlefront is a hell of an addictive game. I remember playing it non-stop when it first came out, but over time I let it slide to the not being played cabinet as I lost interest. But, inevitably every once in a while I pull it out and pop it in my PS2. The effect is always the same, I intend to play one or two instant action games, or lose to my brother in multi-player if he happens to be at my house, and next thing you know it’s four days later and I can’t stop playing Battlefront every chance I get. Addictive to the nth degree, and then some more, but that’s not all Battlefront has to offer.

Story wise Battlefront doesn’t have anything to offer, or so it would seem. It has no story of its own, but I have realized over time that the lack of a central story doesn’t matter. The story is the greater Star Wars universe, specifically the films, and the battles that make up said universe. The player is allowed to participate in numerous historical battles, and that adds a tie in to the Star Wars universe at large. It isn’t just a mindless action piece, Star Wars fans will revel in the historical details as they play through the historical campaign. There are however some blemishes when it comes to staying true to the history of Star Wars. Most of these can be explained away through game mechanics, but some are egregious and not needed. Those few faux pas are the only blemishes against the entire game.

When I review these games I am only focusing on the actual story elements, or parts of the game that are considered canon. However, for the Battlefront series I will make an exception. What makes Battlefront such an all encompassing experience isn’t just the historical campaign. There’s also the fun galactic conquest mode, the always good for a cheap thrill instant action and the ass kicking your brother can lay on you in multi-player. They may not be a part of the story proper, but those game modes help make Battlefront the banger of a game that it is.

Before I go any further I think it’s time to delve into my favorite aspect of Battlefront as a Star Wars nerd, the detail. Whether it is in the graphics, the locations, the vehicles, or the characters, Battlefront is an extremely detailed game. There are numerous vehicles on most levels to choose from, the maps are all varied offering different opportunities to explore the capabilities of the playable characters, and so on. It’s rare that the Star Wars universe can boast a game with this much Star Wars-centric detail as well as all around game mechanics detail.

What it all comes down to with Battlefront is the amount of fun one can have with this game. From start to finish it’s a blast to play. Some levels are ridiculously easy, but even they offer little treats, killing Gungans wholesale is like a Christmas present every time. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are levels that are insanely hard. The Battle of Geonosis is maddening, and that damn computer voice never goes away, “The Republic has taken the Spire… The Republic has lost the Spire… the CIS has taken the Spire… The CIS has lost the Spire…” It never ends, and yet it’s all kinds of fun to be involved in that sort of muck and mire.

I think I’ve run out of superlatives to laud upon Battlefront. There’s a reason this game, and franchise, remains one of the most beloved amongst both Stars Wars fans and hardcore gamers. Battlefront is as fun as all get out, chock full of details and engaging gameplay. From start to finish the game will draw you in and refuse to let you go. The replay value is as high as you will find, I personally never get tired of going through and sniping away on every sniper level contained in the game. I don’t think I need to say more, Battlefront is a Star Wars game you need to play, if you are a Star Wars fan and haven’t played Battlefront, something must be wrong with you!





2 responses to “VG: Battlefront

  1. This game was really addictive indeed. It looked great on my Xbox back in the day and I couldn’t stop playing over at my friend’s place when I brought it over. That damn Galactic conquest mode was excellent.

    And the amount of vehicles you could drive…oh my god. My friend and I must have spent a day on that snow planet driving those badass Empire walking tanks…and killing those fucking snow kangaroos. Just reminiscing about it now I wish I had a gaming system with just this game to play.

    I was still playing it when I began to lose interest in Star Wars in general. It basically encompasses everything that is great about Star Wars (visual effects=basically good graphics, legions of soldiers to play with and kill, and tons of varied planets and vehicles)

  2. I typed submit comment by mistake so I’ll just continue here:

    Yeah, so that game has everything great about Star Wars and none of the crappy stuff, like politics and Mark Hamill. I mean come one, you could blow people off the platforms when fighting in the Bespin level with a freaking cannon!

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