CB: Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith #0-5


It’s rare that something can disappoint me so very much!

Cover Art By: Duncan Fegredo
Art By: David Jacob Beckett, Bill Black, David Carrasco Jr., Chris Gossett, Mark G. Heike, Sean Konot, Perry McNamee, Pamela Rambo, Willie Schubert & Stan Woch
Written By: Kevin J. Anderson

I had notes for Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith, but there’s no point in going to them. My problems with this comic series can be boiled down to some easily identifiable factors. If that sentence didn’t tip you off, I was severely let down by Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith. I’m having trouble with where to start, that’s how disappointing of a comic series this was. Stalling will only get me so far, I guess it’s time to jump into the thick of things.

The writing is as good of a place as any to start, and boy, oh boy, how about that writing! It’s never a good thing when you feel like a story is being dumbed down for you, that somehow these adult characters are being forced to talk and act like 8 year old kids so that somehow the audience can understand what’s going on. I don’t know why Kevin J. Anderson went the way he did with the writing, but what a bad decision. Every character is paper thin and they speak in nothing but proclamations and obvious exposition. Imagine living in a world where you ask someone what they were doing earlier in the day and after they tell you they turn around and loudly proclaim “But, what Bill doesn’t know is that this is just the first step of my insidious plan.” Yeah, the writing is that bad. I realized after I finished Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith that Anderson is not a well liked author among Star Wars fans, but his work on the Tales Of The Jedi series is regarded as possibly his best. If that’s the case then I dread the rest of his material.

I’m trying to keep this review as simplistic as possible, so next let’s move on to the art. The art isn’t that bad for the first seven or so pages, basically the first issue, but it quickly goes downhill from there. The thing is, even when it’s not bad, the art is just there, not bad but not good either. However, when the art is bad, it’s bad. Buildings that are nothing but pencil lines, and this is somehow supposed to represent height? Frames of action where it is impossible to decipher what is going on, or why. I think you get the picture, and I don’t want to bash, bash, bash, but the best I can say about the art is that there are moments when it isn’t completely offensive.

In a nutshell that takes care of the negative aspects of Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith. I could go into more detail, but that would just be piling on. Sadly, the elements that did work for me will cover nowhere near as much space as those that didn’t work. I liked some of the characters, although the ones that consist of a head and only a head need to get out of my Star Wars. I enjoyed the sense of the unknown that permeated the story, and I liked how uninhibited the story was in regards to telling its own story.

I was taken aback as I read through Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith. How could such a gold mine for storytelling so utterly fail? I don’t know how they managed to do it, but the people behind Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith took what should have been a surefire great story and churned out a blight upon the comic book world. When I really think about it the worst part of Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith is the entire thing and that’s never a conclusion you want after finishing anything. I don’t know if I can make myself any clearer, but avoid Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith at all costs, it will hurt you with its complete ineptitude.





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