RD: HoloNet News: A Galaxy Divided


No matter what galaxy you’re in, the new is still bad news!

Written By: Pablo Hidalgo

For those unaware, and until recently I was part of that group, HoloNet News is an in-universe podcast that ties into The Clone Wars TV show. For the simple reason that I see no difference between a podcast and a radio drama I have listed the podcast under the radio drama heading. Also, because it is not a full length radio drama I won’t be going into any spiel about how I will review radio dramas, I’ll save that for the aforementioned full length ones.

The review of HoloNet News: A Galaxy Divided will be short and sweet, most likely not lasting beyond this paragraph. You can’t do too much with something so short, it’s only about five minutes, but what Pablo Hidalgo does is interesting. HoloNet News: A Galaxy Divided helps to flesh out the galaxy a little bit more around this time period. Basically, it’s a quick and fun bit of extra info that isn’t going to rock your socks off, but is still interesting.





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