CB: Knights Of The Old Republic #11-12 (Reunion)


Who knew Ithorians could be so much fun?

Cover Art By: Hoon
Art By: Michael Atiyeh, Brian Ching & Michael Heisler, Jay David Ramos & Harvey Tolibao
Written By: John Jackson Miller

Color me surprised! When I looked up the particulars of Reunion for the breakdown I always put at the top of my reviews I had no idea there was an artist change from issue eleven to twelve. Now that I think about it there are little differences that I should have picked up on, but more than anything my lack of acknowledgement speaks to the imprint Brian Ching has made on Knights Of The Old Republic. I have said this before about other artists, Harvey Tolibao has his own style, but it’s clear he has tried to stay as close to the look of Ching as possible. This creates a cohesiveness that can’t be ignored. A disruption in art usually spells trouble for any story arc, but the switch from Ching to Tolibao is as smooth as can be. It also helps that Tolibao appears to be quite the talented artist.

Reunion is a different story than what we have been given so far in Knights Of The Old Republic. It still has some of the action, but the drama has been turned way down and the humor has been ratcheted up even more. I like this approach, each character we see in Reunion is dynamic in their own way and adds something to the humor plate. Whether it is the absurdity of two Ithorian bounty hunter brothers arguing over Ma and Maw, or Gryph doing a double take and informing Zayne that he can be replaced Reunion never misses a mark in the humor department.

Something I have begun to pick up on in Knights Of The Old Republic is the revelatory endings. I was going to put cliffhanger at first, but that would be incorrect. John Jackson Miller spends the first two thirds of an issue or an arc providing action and a compelling tale. When an issue or an arc is on its final legs Miller doesn’t toss in a cliffhanger, rather he leaves you with an ending that is like a revelation. In Reunion it is Zayne’s father ending up on Dantooine with Master Vandar. It’s not a cliffhanger by any measure, but it leaves you with an “Oh, I didn’t see that coming, that’s neat” feeling.

Three arcs into Knights Of The Old Republic I have no problems declaring it the best Star Wars comic going today, unless of course there is a drastic drop-off coming. It fires on all cylinders and provides compelling story after compelling story with characters that are slowly but surely being fleshed out. Reunion is a tad too coincidental, that remains one of the few flaws in the overall series, but that isn’t enough to stop Reunion from being the humorous tale that it is. Not only is Reunion a great addition to the series, it’s an arc that will hurt your sides you’ll be laughing so much, and I can always get behind that.





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