CB: Legacy #9-10 (Trust Issues)


I’m certain I have trust issues, what that says about me, I don’t know!

Cover Art By: Brad Anderson & David Ross
Art By: Brad Anderson, Michael Heisler & Colin Wilson
Written By: John Ostrander

There are facets of Trust Issues that I quite like. The question becomes whether those facets are enough to help an overall story that is lackluster and essentially filler? My answer is no, sadly the facets I did like were not enough to make Trust Issues a great read. It was a pleasant read and I was interested in what was happening, but when it was over I had the feeling of a story that took up too much of my time for just one or two useful nuggets.

What I liked about Trust Issues were the little nuggets. It was great to finally see someone from the Galactic Alliance and to get the skinny on what they are up to at this point in time. I liked discovering Cade’s roots, and the frequent trips to the past in Legacy feel like I’m piecing together a puzzle. I’m still undecided on Morrigan Corde, she is a link to Cade’s past and she seems interesting but I need to see more from her before I can accurately assess her.

There weren’t many egregious errors in Trust Issues that stick out or made the arc a tough read. However, and I know this is endemic of comics in general, there were a few instances of very heavy exposition dialogue that were annoying. Most notably the musings of Antares on The Wheel about leaving their lightsabers behind, but wait, we didn’t actually leave them behind. I don’t mind exposition, but I would rather have it be subtle than blunt and obvious.

Trust Issues was insightful, and as I said offered some interesting glimpses into the unknown past of the Legacy Era. That being said, it’s an arc that doesn’t carry much weight. Maybe it will carry weight later on when I know more about these characters and this era, but I can only judge it based on what I know today. And based on that Trust Issues comes across more like a stopover than an integral entry in Legacy. Trust Issues is a collection of a few essential tidbits of information wedged around filler material. The essential info makes Trust Issues an arc you need to read, but it’s not an arc that feels essential in any way, if that makes any sense.





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