CB: Legacy #13 (Ready To Die)


Whoa, more four armed people, and they have dogs for children, weird!

Cover Art By: Brad Anderson & Jan Duursema
Art By: Brad Anderson, Michael Heisler & Colin Wilson
Written By: John Ostrander

Is it possible for a cool ending to save an otherwise superfluous story? It can be, and the final pages of Ready To Die manage to save what was on pace to be a terrible issue of Legacy. Maybe terrible isn’t the right word, it just so happens I expect more out of a John Ostrander penned book, and Ready To Die felt like your run of the mill Star Wars story. But, as I said, those final few pages managed to change that and make this a story worth actually reading.

As it begins not only is Ready To Die uninteresting, but it’s mighty confusing. At one point Governor Dorn shows up at Bastion in a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, and we know from his previous conversations that his son is Captain of that destroyer and that he was or maybe still is a Governor in the Empire. Yet he announces himself to Bastion as Governor Dorn from the Galactic Alliance in a highly confusing moment. This was the most head scratching moment, but there were others, Ready To Die was not Mr. Ostrander at his best in terms of dialogue.

The main problem with Ready To Die is that there’s no reason to care about anything that happens up until Emperor Fel and Darth Kruhl square off. Kruhl may have been an attempt at a cool Sith, but in a world full of Sith he either needed to be the ultimate in cool, like Darth Maleval, or be given some sort of story for me to care about. Alas he wasn’t cool, nor did he have any sort of story, and this creates a vacuum in his character.

This brings us to the moments that matter in Ready To Die, Roan Fel in action. It was cool to see him in action, and it would have been a great sequence save one thing, he was never in any danger. By using a vacuous character like Kruhl to go after Fel you know he is never in any danger and that the fight exists merely as a showcase for what Fel can do. Scratch what I said earlier, maybe the final pages don’t save Ready To Die after all?

At this point in time Legacy is in a bit of a funk. The stories aren’t bad, but they aren’t interesting either and are more filler than the meaty story I want to read. Ready To Die is the worst of the lot, it is a story that exists solely for one transparent purpose and in the end undermines it’s own purpose by not giving any realistic or dramatic weight to its threat. I know all Legacy readers will want to check out this issue just to see Emperor Fel in action, even I admit it was cool, but don’t let that blind you to the dispensable nature of the story. Ready To Die isn’t just lesser Legacy, it’s unnecessary Legacy, a one shot where you can skip to Fel fighting and move on, because there’s nothing else to see here.





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