CB: Legacy #11-12 (Ghosts)


I see ghosts all the time, usually it’s after I’ve just been knocked out!

Cover Art By: Jan Duursema
Art By: Brad Anderson, Jan Duursema, Michael Heisler & Dan Parsons
Written By: John Ostrander

If there’s such a thing as a gut punching revelatory story, Ghosts is it. Ghosts isn’t an arc that wants to take it easy, from the first page it repeatedly hits you in the frontal lobe with some bit of coolness or revelation and it never lets up. You might say Ghosts is assault style storytelling, and based on the tepid streak Legacy had been on previous to Ghosts, it is a welcome change of pace.

Whether Cade is seeing actual Force Ghosts or simple delusions doesn’t matter to me, even though it will be interesting finding out where the truth resides. I love the introduction of the, for the sake of writing we’ll stick with one nomenclature, Force Ghosts because it ties the universe together. They call back to the past while looking to the future. Beyond that Cade’s Force Ghosts highlight how disturbed he really is.

I like clean cut heroes, but I love my messed up anti-heroes as well. At this point in time that’s exactly what Cade is, a messed up anti-hero. He has no idea where he is going or what he is doing, he doesn’t know why he’ll take his next step let alone where he fits into the grand scheme of things. I know a lot of people had problems with Cade being a giant louse, but I love it. I love seeing a bit of drug induced gray in my Star Wars. Watching a man who could be a hero, the greatest villain or end up as nothing more than a forgotten washout.

Ghosts feels like a motion story, like an arc where the pieces are beginning to come together and the overall story is being set in motion. We learn more of the past, but this time it’s not mere glimpses, it’s the big stuff, the wheels that spin the universe around. We don’t know where Legacy is going, but now we know that it is going somewhere. We learn more about the relationships of Legacy, we simply learn more, and what we learn is important.

A little inclusion is made in Ghosts, and to most people it may not be that important, but to me it is. I really liked the New Jedi Order series of novels, but after they were over the Yuuzhan Vong were all but forgotten. That always irked me about the subsequent novels, and Legacy is thankfully rectifying that somewhat. Seeing the Yuuzhan Vong in a story outside of the New Jedi Order makes them feel like a proper part of the Star Wars universe. They no longer feel like a one-off threat tossed to the wayside after their usefulness had vanished, and I am very happy that they appear to be a lasting part of Legacy.

I haven’t had much negative to say about Ghosts, that’s because there isn’t much negative in Ghosts. Some minor tweaks here and there and a few rough patches, but overall Ghosts is a great arc. Legacy is finally rolling again, it doesn’t feel like filler anymore, characters are being fleshed out and the shape of the universe is being doled out bit by bit. Ghosts is a nice little bit of storytelling, and for anyone struggling with Legacy post-Broken, a good sign that the doldrums are over and the series is about to pick up. Plus, R2-D2, c’mon, who isn’t happy about that!





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