CB: Legacy #8 (Allies)


Allies on both sides in any war never equals a happy ending, keep that in mind!

Cover Art By: Colin Wilson
Art By: Adam DeKraker, Michael Heisler & Ronda Pattison
Written By: John Ostrander

Allies reads in a lot of ways like an abridged version of Cloak Of Deception. This isn’t a story for those interested in action and only action, Allies is all about political maneuvering and the results of bargaining and planning with two sides of a conflict. But, this is Star Wars, and that means that political maneuvering ultimately leads to violence of some kind and Allies does provide one choice sequence of lightsaber combat.

The theme itself of Allies is not surprisingly, who you ally yourself with and why. It’s not that deep of a theme, nor can it be given an inordinate amount of depth in one comic issue. That’s not to say that the theme is mishandled in any way, because it isn’t. John Ostrander makes the most out of the pages he has to work with, crafting a compelling tale of political intrigue and the long lasting effects of the best laid plans and those plans drawn out in the spur of the moment. Because the majority of Allies exists in this political realm it remains a strong and interesting story throughout.

The one element holding Allies back is the art work of Adam DeKraker. There are times when it is very nice to look at, such as the showdown on Coruscant between the Sith and Imperial Knights. Those moments are few and far between however, as the majority of the book has a vague and undefined look to it. The rendering of emotion, as well as that of character gender, is all over the place. It took me a few panels to realize that Moff Calixte was the intruder in Emperor Fel’s chambers, and throughout it’s tough to view the emotions present in the art as valid when they don’t match up with the words on the page that well.

It’s not the best that Legacy has to offer, but Allies is a solid storytelling effort. It helps to reveal more of the past while delving into the political side of this new era in Star Wars. Stories that help to tie all the major arcs together are a nice addition to the overall series of Legacy, and Allies does a fine job in that aspect.





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