CB: Tales #3 (Three Against The Galaxy)


A new trio, and quite an odd one at that!

Cover Art By: Tsuneo Sanda
Art By: Steve Dutro, Rick Leonardi, Mark Lipka & Dave McCaig
Written By: Rich Hedden

There are moments when Three Against The Galaxy moves too fast or breezes through developments too quickly, but otherwise it is a splendid short story. It starts off with a quiet bang, yeah an oxymoron, I know, by giving a Gamorrean in Grissom thoughts that we don’t usually associate with Gamorreans. I figured maybe we were in store for something better than most Tales stories at that point, but I didn’t know the story would end up as varied as it was.

Varied is the best way to put it, or maybe spice is even better? Three Against The Galaxy has the feel of spice being tossed into the Star Wars galaxy (and before I forget, not the drug spice). Interesting characters are introduced and we care about them because of the minor emotional underpinning given to them. It’s the simplest of things, but giving your audience a reason to care about the characters in the story means they will care about the story.

As far as I know the characters in Three Against The Galaxy haven’t been seen since this story. That’s a shame, because this motley crew is certainly worthy of more attention. They are fun, have depth to them and are different from most of what we see in the Star Wars universe. When looking for Tales stories to read make sure Three Against The Galaxy is at the top of your list.





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