CB: Tales #3 (The Death Of Captain Tarpals)


I don’t mind Jar Jar, I really don’t, but a story full of Gungans and only Gungans is pushing it!

Cover Art By: Tsuneo Sanda
Art By: Tom Fowler, Dave Nestelle & Vickie Williams
Written By: Ryder Wyndham

I feel dirty after reading The Death Of Captain Tarpals. My reasoning isn’t what you would expect, I shouldn’t have the reaction I did. Ryder Windham is a heck of a writer and I don’t have any of the same problems with Gungans or Jar Jar Binks that most people do. Yet, I had trouble with every moment of The Death Of Captain Tarpals and when I was finished I felt like someone had just forced me to slog through a pool full of mud.

I suppose it all starts with the worst reason of all, the speaking style of the Gungans. I don’t care what anyone says, more than one page of nothing but Gungans talking is too much to handle. It’s infuriating because I had to reread almost every word bubble just to make sure I understood exactly what was being said, and even then I would routinely have to go back a page and look over a bubble yet again when some part of the story wasn’t jiving. It may be a stupid reason, but I’ll be damned if the Gungans aren’t impossible to understand and thus make reading stories about them a chore to get through.

Once you get past the speech syntax you are left with a story that isn’t all that interesting. Put plainly, I had no reason to care about what was taking place. The Death Of Captain Tarpals is looking for some sort of emotional resonance, and who knows maybe I will one day experience that resonance when I read more Gungan stories in the young readers novels. But, I haven’t read those novels, and as a tale unto itself The Death Of Captain Tarpals didn’t interest me for a second.

There are much better Ryder Windham works out there, I suggest you seek those out. Unless you can get past page after page of Gungan syntax I’d take a pass on reading The Death Of Captain Tarpals as its not worth the effort.





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