CB: Tales #3 (Lady Luck)


Luck is always on Lando’s side, or so it seems!

Cover Art By: Tsuneo Sanda
Art By: Chris Brunner, Steve Dutro, Michelle Madsen & Dave Stewart
Written By: Rich Handley & Darko Macan

It’s not that I have major problems with Lady Luck, but I don’t like the premise. The story actually works very well, the theme of luck is handled nicely and it all ties together. My issues begin with the very premise of luck and how the writers go about implementing Lando’s luck. It feels wrong to type out that he was too lucky, but that’s how the story made me feel. Lady Luck didn’t feel grounded in any way, it felt too far fetched and almost whimsical. It was a weird read because I was never able to reconcile what the story wanted to say with what I was seeing on the pages.

The one area that I do have a problem with is the emotion present in Lady Luck. There are times when characters will blurt out intense emotions out of nowhere. There aren’t reasons for these displays of emotion, yet they happen, and regularly. I’d go so far as to say it’s jarring, one second you are reading a normal passage then Dominic Raynor blurts out some emotional cry, only to be back to his normal calm self in the next panel. Emotionally, at least in terms of conveyance, Lady Luck never quite works.

My complaints against Lady Luck are minimal, but the same complaints that are present in most Tales stories remain. Lady Luck isn’t all that interesting, nor does it carry any import. It feels like a story that happens and is then over, much like this review.





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