CB: Tales #2 (Incident At Horn Station)


Pinky, what kind of nickname is that?

Cover Art By: Tsuneo Sanda
Art By: Matthew Hollingsworth, Sean Konot & Sean Phillips
Written By: Dan Jolley

Finally, finally Tales offers me something to mull over. On the surface Incident At Horn Station seems like just any story, and truth to be told it is far from an important story. But, importance and quality do not go hand in hand. Incident At Horn Station is a story full of quality because from the outset it opts for a different method to its delivery. It would have been easy for the tale be simplistic and to the point, and it is in a way. But, there’s a certain cadence and tempo to Incident At Horn Station. The artwork is a bit rough, but so is Pinky. He stammers and stutters, and so does the story, it refuses to settle in and let the reader become comfortable.

The point about a lack of importance with the story holds true. Incident At Horn Station is an interesting tale, both in delivery and execution, but it lacks that extra import to put it over the top. Don’t let that detract from the story at hand. When you are reading Tales this is one of the stories you need to stop and pay attention to, because Incident At Horn Station is one of the few stories found in Tales worthy of your attention.





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