CB: Tales #1 (Skippy The Droid)


Why, oh why must I be forced to read this!

Cover Art By: Tsuneo Sanda
Art By: Martin Egelend, Harold MacKinnon, Howard M. Shum & Vickie Williams
Written By: Peter David

Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud, but I’m okay with that. Skippy The Droid is the type of story that is perfectly fine as a non-canon fun trip. Unfortunately at some point it was decided that in some way, shape or form Skippy The Droid is canon. In short, that sucks and is pretty darn moronic. Skippy The Droid wasn’t great to begin with, but it was still a little bit of fun in a troglodyte way. Now I have to look at the story differently, trying to decipher what parts can take place within a functional Star Wars universe, and that’s a lot of thinking I don’t want to do.

I’ll keep this simple, Skippy The Droid waddles along and inundates the brain with bubble caption after bubble caption. You want to think about what is going on, don’t bother, here comes another bubble caption, the third one in this frame alone, to make sure you can’t think about what you are seeing. It sounds silly to write that what is supposed to be a parody piece is clunky, and has terrible pacing and method of delivery, as well as story construction. But, by removing the story from its non-canon resting place it’s now a story that has to be looked at a little closer and that closeness does not help what is on the pages.

Maybe I’m looking at the story too harshly, but even as a parody piece Skippy The Droid fails to accomplish it’s most important task, make the reader laugh. It isn’t ironic, cute or funny, it’s a mess of a story that bogs the brain down with too much dialogue and some out there artwork. If you have the chance go ahead and, uh, skip, Skippy The Droid, you’ll thank me for it.





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